Flimsy cases

I hate the trend of flimsier cases for DVDs, games, et cetera. I just bought LEGO Rock Band and they actually cut parts of the plastic case out, ostensibly to reduce weight. The actual plastic of the case has very little rigidity, though. It’s flexible to all hell. No sir, I don’t like it. Plus, the cut-outs in the case are on the side with the DVD too! It makes it tough to remove, plus in theory if something poked through the outside there’d be nothing there to protect the disc! It’s madness, I tell you.

Given that these games are probably sent by air freight, the weight reduction does make sense… in a penny pinching sort of way. When you have thousands of games, it adds up. However, the box just feels so weak. It’s a bad first impression. I hope more games don’t ship like this.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll have more thoughts about Lego Rock Band. I actually have to play it first, which I will do tonight when I leave work.

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