In a pickle

The next building over from my office has a cafe in it that most of the officegoers around these parts like to visit for lunch. I generally go there once a week or so when I don’t feel like bringing in my lunch or going somewhere else. It’s fairly inexpensive (the daily specials or a sandwich are usually $5.50) and when the special isn’t appealing there’s always the sandwich bar. Overall, the food quality is pretty good for what I pay for. There’s just been one problem lately – the pickles.

Usually with a sandwich they offer you chips (usually Ruffles) and a pickle. Normally the pickles are pretty good, but lately something has happened. The pickles, well, suck these days. When you eat a fresh pickle, you expect a good crunch and snap to it. Not these pickles. Dill spears have a vinegary taste with some spice and kick. These… just taste sour. Not the good kind of sour, either. It’s the kind of sour that makes you “blech!” I can’t imagine anyone genuinely liking these pickles, especially since they used to have such good ones, too.

I inquired as to why the pickles are different, and the chef told me that they had changed suppliers. A real shame, because the bad pickles kill the sandwich meals for me. I like having pickles with my sandwiches. The move is most likely precipitated from above him – e.g. his corporate owners want to switch to a cheaper pickle and it’s what we’re stuck with. I may wind up bringing my own jar of pickles in to work because these things are just terrible. It’s a shame that items such as pickles are falling prey to the gaping maw of the recession.

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