It’s yummy, mummy!

It’s that time of year again when children dress up and shake us all down for sugary treats like the bandits they are. With the falling of the leaves comes the return of my end-of-year favorites. Apple cider (both in liquid and donut form), pumpkins, hot apple pie… Yes, all quite delicious things. There’s something else that returns, though, and it’s everyone’s favorite Halloweentime breakfast bunch – the General Mills Monster Cereals.

Though Count Chocula is available year round, usually I can only get Boo Berry and Frankenberry during the Halloween season. I generally make sure to pick up a box of Frankenberry or Boo Berry during this time of year to feed both my stomach and my nostalgia. Unfortunately, I think I made a mistake this year.

I picked up a box of Frankenberry at Stop and Shop for the cool low price of $1.89. The boxes have gotten a bit smaller, thanks to the effects of the grocery shrink ray, and Franenberry weighs in at 9.6 (!) ounces. That’s only a little more than a box of Hot and Spicy Cheez-Its. My usual box of Frosted Flakes or Raisin Bran is 17 ounces, for comparison. The box design is the same as last year, complete with cutout monster shape on the back.

The cereal still tastes like a berry flavored Captain Crunch piece taste, but I was really disappointed that my box was very low on the marshmallow count. There were barely any marshmallows in my first bowlful, and shaking up the box didn’t reveal much else when looking through the wax bag. That’s why you buy this stuff, because it’s not just little corn pieces or whatever. It’s probably another casualty of people cutting back. Marshmallow bits are probably more expensive, so reducing the ratio of cereal bits to marshmallow bits probably saves, oh, a quarter per box.

This is adjacent to the fact that, well, it just doesn’t taste that good anymore. The pieces are too brittle and when there’s no marshmallow bits to balance it out… it feels like eating a bowl of styrofoam. Maybe I’m getting old. Then again, Frankenberry wasn’t really my preferred flavor, I was more of a Boo Berry guy. That stuff still tasted good last year, maybe it’s still good this year.


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