Well, I cracked.

After my previous post about games costing too much money, I wound up signing back up for GameFly again. I used to have Gamefly a few years ago, but I wasn’t satisfied with the speed of the service. However, since it’s been a few years, I did get the low first month price again, so we’ll see how it works out.

The first game in the queue is A Boy and His Blob. A reimagining of the NES classic, the game has struck a chord with me ever since I saw its announcement earlier in the year. Done completely in fluid 2D animation, the game looks fantastic. The game uses the same “throw jellybeans to make the blob do stuff” mechanic as the NES game, except it’s not as brutally hard as the original. It also has a hug button. A game in 2009 that features a button dedicated solely to hugging. How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome, I’d say.

I’ll post some thoughts on it when I get it and how the 2D compares to my recently completed Muramasa. Muramasa has genuinely gorgeous graphics, so it will be a tough competition for sure. I for one hope we will be seeing more pure 2D animated games in the future.


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