On the subject of aspect ratios

Dear TV channels:

On your HD feeds, please only provide the show in the format that it was originally presented in. If it was in 4:3? Show it in 4:3. 16:9? Show it in that. 2.31:1? That too. My TV can scale images appropriately, but it can’t unscale them, especially if you use that abomination known as panoramic stretch. I hate that – at least with a straight up stretch you could, in theory, “un-stretch” it just like you would stretch an anamorphic video to fit its proper aspect ratio. You can’t undo the panoramic stuff!

I don’t give a fuck what rednecks think about black bars on their TV. Please, for the love of god, give me back the control to watch shows as they were meant to be watched. I’m looking at you, TBS and other Turner stations. I’d rather watch the SD feed than the horribly stretched out garbage on  your alternate feeds.

If some dumbit wants to keep his TV in stretch mode, let him. Please don’t punish the rest of us! It’s like saying the smart kid can’t have recess because the dumb kid drew all over the wall.


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