Boring DVD Labels

Dear people who manufacture DVDs:

I’m getting tired of seeing all of these generic gray labels on DVDs. Yes, I realize that a single spot color with a knockout for the logo costs less money, but it’s also very, very, boring. I remember when DVDs first came out and the labels were glorious multicolor works of silkscreened art. For shame, DVD makers, for shame.

I would pay the extra 25 cents or so per DVD to have a pretty label whenever I open up the box. The overall packaging quality of DVDs has improved, so why have the labels taken a step backwards? I for one do not approve of our new DVD label overlords.

Some of my favorite DVD labels are the Futurama labels. Each disc has its own unique label featuring characters from the series. You’ll always know what disc you have by quick visual confirmation – even when someone mixes up your discs amongst various boxes. I also enjoy the 3D hologram things Microsoft uses to thwart piracy, even though they can be very difficult to read – is it disc 1 or 2 of Sever 2003? We’re never quite sure.

So please, I beg of you – bring back high quality full color DVD labels. I love pretty things… and it would make me feel better about buying DVDs.


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