Too many games, not enough money.

Next week, several video games I’ve been hotly anticipating drop. You’ve got the new A Boy and His Blob, the most excellent Brütal Legend… and let’s not forget the Queen 10-Pack for Rock Band and Abbey Road for Beatles: Rock Band. Then, in a few weeks, Lego Rock Band drops, and… ugh. So many good games. I haven’t even wrapped up Muramasa yet – I’m still finishing Kisuke’s tale and all of the challenge dungeons. I’m already looking forward to the next games… Problem is, I can’t spend $50-$60 a pop on these things.

I used to rent games a lot growing up, back when you could only keep them for three days or so. I would probably still be renting things, except i’ve been absolutely spoiled by Netflix. I hate my local video stores (all chains and they stink) and I’ve tried GameFly, but that service didn’t really work out for me. $16 a month for one game that took a week for them to process each way felt like a raw deal to me, considering that I had a three-at-a-time Netflix deal for about the same price. What made Gamefly seem even more slow compared to Netflix is that Netflix have local distribution centers, meaning when I send off my red envelopes, they go 45 minutes down the turnpike to Worcester, they get processed the next day, and the day after that I have new movies in my mailbox.

Spending $15/month to get two games (or less) just feels like a waste, even though logically it’s much cheaper than the $4 SNES game for three days that Blockbuster used to have. If only Netflix had video games too… I’d gladly trade three of my queue slots for a video game once in a while if it means paying only $15 a month instead of $30. With Netflix, I can churn through, say, 21 DVDs in a month for the same price as two video games. I suppose if Gamefly was $10 I might be more amenable, but… christ, it’s five bucks. Abe Lincoln. I usually only buy one video game every few months, so not renting usually works out… except in times when there’s more than one game at once.

Bah. I’ll get around to them eventually. Here’s to another loosely coordinated rant.



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2 responses to “Too many games, not enough money.

  1. Gil

    Totally agree with you man. I used to rent games all the time as a kid but I don’t feel like it’s worth the money anymore. Then again, buying every game I want isn’t feasible either. $60 a pop burns up the cashflow quicker than you’d think :(

  2. Jonathan

    Assassin Creed

    is 5$ but only for a few days


    Buy used games from Amazon
    Play only Game demos (pc only)
    Wait a year, L4D was 49.99 bought it 14.99 now its back to 29.99, glad I waited.

    Play game demos reason some have multilayer ability.

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