A tasty sandwich.

Do you like sandwiches? I bet you do. The sandwich is one of man’s greatest inventions, both from an aesthetic and engineering standpoints. You can hit all of your major food groups in just one item – and it fits conveniently into most lunch storage bins. Yes, the sandwich’s versatility is only beaten by the infinite taste and flavor combinations you can come up with. Truly, any gourmet should be able to appreciate a delicious combination.

One of my favorite sandwiches that I like to make is a bagel sandwich. Instead of bread, I use a sliced everything bagel. The everything bagel is a key component for me, having sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, and garlic. Combine that with some fresh sliced roast beef and some Vermont white cheddar cheese and you’ve got the basics. Later on, I’ll have to add some fresh lettuce, mustard, sliced onions and pickles, but we’ve got to do something first.

The preparation of bagel sandwiches differs from person to person, but my methodology is probably similar to what others would do. First, the bagel itself has to be toasted, but only toasted so much, because it will be going through the toaster oven or your normal oven a little later.  We don’t want to burn the bagel. Once it’s toasted, I’ll assemble the meat and cheese on two separate halves, then place them back into the toaster oven (or your regular oven if you don’t have a toaster oven. This’ll keep our bagels warm, plus get our roast beef and cheese up to temperature. Once they’re all warmed up, we’ll quickly assemble the rest of the toppings and the mustard. Melty cheese and mustard act as glue that keeps the whole thing together. Delicious.

While it’s usually the same stuff I would put together in a more normal sandwich, there’s just something about a hot roast beef on a bagel. Maybe it’s the chewiness of the bagel, or the flavor combinations of the everything bagel. Not quite sure. Whatever it is, I like it.


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