Trident Layers Gum

Trident’s introduced a new series of gums that look to compete with Orbit. They’re called Layers, and they have a variety of double flavor combinations. It’s so new, they’re not even on their website yet. I had seen them a week or so back at a neighborhood Shaw’s but I didn’t pick them up at the time. My friendly coworker managed to bring some in, though, so I did get to try two flavors – Strawberry Citrus and Green Apple Pineapple.

The packaging is reminiscent of Stride, with two seven piece flaps that fold up into a third clasping flap. The sticks of gum are about twice as thick as a piece of Orbit, but a bit shorter. You probably wind up with the same amount of gum. Instead of using flavor crystals like most other gums to get an extra kick, there looks to be some kind of gooey candy sandwiched between two small sticks of gum. In the case of the Strawberry citrus, the strawberry is the gum, and the citrus is the flavor punch, while Green Apple Pineapple has pineapple gum with green apple filling.

This isn’t the first time that a flavor center has been used in gums, of course – Trident makes a series of filled blisterpack chiclet knockoffs called Splash. This seems to be the first time it’s brought to the stick variety, though. Let’s see how it stacks up.

The packaging, as mentioned before, is pretty standard for these fourteen stick sugarless chewing gums. Orbit, Stride, Trident all use a variant of it these days. The printing and graphics are nice, on par with what you’d see from Trident, though they’re not as “loud” visually as their Splash or regular gums. The gum is wrapped in foil wrappers, and the gooey center can sometimes make removing these difficult as it can stick to the wrappers.

As far as taste goes, these gums are pretty good for the amount of time they last.  The flavors are punchy and the combinations go together pretty well. Unfortunately the actual flavor seems to last about as long as a normal stick of Trident, and not as long as Orbit. Still, for the length of time it does last, the flavor is excellent. In terms of chewing, the gooey center is not like the liquid filling of Splash but more like that corn syrupy tube candy you remember as a kid. The gum doesn’t seem to lose its chewability very fast, and it doesn’t stick to my teeth, but it just isn’t interesting to chew after a few minutes because you lose the flavor fairly quickly.

Both of these get a 3/5 for having interesting flavors that don’t last very long.


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