Bad Ideas: Jelly Belly Pudding

This was one of my supermarket bad ideas. Usually when I am strolling down the aisles at my local Hannaford’s or Shaw’s (or wherever) I always keep my eyes peeled for new and/or different things to try. I figure “hey, I’ll try anything once.” This time, I’m bringing to you a truly terrible culinary abortion – Jelly Belly pudding.

This is terrible stuff.

This is terrible stuff.

Yep, Jelly Belly, the jellybean people. I’m sure this was an idea that sounded fairly good when some dweeb posited it to the board. Fruit flavored pudding. After all, there’s vanilla and chocolate, and the less popular but still kicking butterscotch and tapioca – but not really fruit.  Turns out, there’s a reason why nobody does it – because it sucks.

The flavor, as you can see from the terrible webcam photo above, is Very Cherry. I think there was also watermelon available. I’m sure it’s as terrible as this. See, I first picked them up thinking they were like Jello cups, and they were on sale. I did not read the label close enough, though, and I was disappointed to see it was pudding when I opened them up. Still, I grabbed a nearby spoon and started to dig in with an open mind. Once again = try anything once, etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even finish half of a cup. The cherry flavor might be there from the jelly beans, but the overall pudding flavor and texture overruled it. They just didn’t really mesh, like a vanilla cherry type thing. That flavor isn’t necessarily bad – make an IBC Cherry float sometime, it’s pretty good. In this case, though, it just falls flat on its face. Is this how liquefied jellybean is supposed to taste? I’ve got a feeling that this would have worked out a lot better as a gelatin product.

This gets a 1/5 for being fucking terrible and a waste of two dollars. Go to Hell, Jelly Belly pudding, where I’m sure you’ll burn for a very long time.


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