Who are you? I really wanna know!

You might be thinking to yourself “Self, why is this site’s domain kefkafloyd.com?” It’s a good question, considering I don’t mention it anywhere on the site. KefkaFloyd is the alias I usually go by on various parts of the internet (when I don’t use my real name or some shortening thereof). The origins of this alias predate my usage of the internet in general, but it took a bit of time and wasted names before I settled on it.

Picture it in your mind. The year is 1997. Austin Powers has just come out in theaters. Bill Clinton’s got a second term. Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov at chess. It’s quite a year. In the downstairs of a quiet New England home, a modem is plugged into the wall for the first time. Using an excruciatingly slow 286 with a 2400 baud full duplex modem, I dialed into The Maze, an Amiga CNet based BBS. I had to sign up for an account, and needed a handle (BBS term for nickname). What would I use?

Well, at the time, one of my favorite video games was Final Fantasy III (VI). My favorite character was the main villain, Kefka, who was quite funny. The nickname was free, so I used it. I continued to use the nick on other 413 boards. All was well, until I got a 486 capable of going on to the world wide web.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I had ventured on to the internet. It was, however, my first time venturing into forums and IRC. I knew that the name Kefka would be wildly overused on the internet (as most character names are), and it was on efnet that I simply appended and underscore to become kefka_. It worked for a while in #ff7 (where I met longtime friend and buddy Brickroad), until someone swiped the nick (this was before the days of nickserv) and I wound up using _kefka_. The thing is, these kinds of appended names look really dumb. I’m sure everyone remembers the various XxSephirothX124 guys. I needed a more unique nickname.

So, for a very brief period of time in the summer of 1998, I appended Diamond to Kefka, to make Kefka Diamond. It was a very, very short lived change (maybe a week?) until I realized it was dumb too. At the time, I was on a huge Pink Floyd kick, so I decided to take a trick right out of their own playbook. Pink Floyd’s name is an amalgamation of Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, two jazz/blues musicians who had a significant influence on their sound. Thus, KefkaFloyd was born.

I don’t use the nick as much as I used to, but it’s still useful. I have considered that the downside of having one consistent nick for many years means that it’s much easier to trace my internet history. Before the dawn of facebook and myspace, people made little internet homepages on services like Geocities, Yahoo Homepage (before they bought Geocities), FortuneCity, Tripod, etc. Most of these pages have been deleted or lost to the gaping maw of time. I had an old domain that I let lapse, and all of that is gone too. I’ve repressed most of the memories of the dumb things I did in high school, just like most kids today with facebook and myspace will once they move past their awkward phase. Man, Final Fantasy 7 fanficton. Something that sounded like a really good idea at the time, but wound up being incredibly fucking stupid. Hey, we were kids, we did dumb stuff all the time. Live and learn.


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