Strawberry Crush

Over the weekend I picked up a 20 oz bottle of strawberry flavored Crush soda. Naturally, being a fan of Orange and Grape Crush, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out the strawberry flavored variety. I haven’t had too many strawberry sodas, and their product cycles seem pretty short lived. It’s not a common flavor for sodas, but strawberry flavored juices are fairly popular. Nevertheless, I always enjoy trying something at least once.

I paid 99 cents for this particular bottle, as it was on sale at a Shaw’s supermarket down the street from where I live. The bottle is pretty much the same as orange and grape Crush – except the label is colored pink. Something I always found amusing lately is that the various flavors (now Strawberrry, and grape, peach, etc) of Crush still have an orange slice in the Crush logo. I believe at one point the various Crush flavors had their respective fruits in the logo, but this trend seems to have reversed itself.

For the actual contents of the bottle, how do they stack up? The initial taste is pretty good, but compared to an actual strawberry juice drink, it’s pretty tame and not quite up to what you expect from Crush. Orange and Grape Crush have a distinctive taste that isn’t like a juice, but has more of a flavorful punch than, say, sugary Fanta, especially the glass bottle variety. The sweetener mainly feels a bit off – this is a product that could have done better with some actual strawberry juice instead of “natural flavors.” Orange Crush’s success doesn’t really translate. The tartness that you expect from a sweet strawberry is simply missing from the palate. The soda also has an overpowering sweetness also hits you like a ton of bricks and overwhelms the strawberry flavor that is there.

Compared to the other strawberry soda I’ve had, it was more drinkable, but only in the “it’s sugary” sense. Sangaria has a more distinct strawberry flavor and those who want a tarter taste would probably gravitate towards it. If you drank strawberry soda regularly, you would probably prefer the more muted taste of Sangaria over the sugar rush of strawberry Crush. Back in the day, there was also Welch’s strawberry and Shasta strawberry, but it’s been so long since I’ve had them that I can’t really make a fair comparison.

That’s not to say that strawberry Crush is bad – but that unlike its cousins, it’s probably more of an acquired taste, like Adirondack Blueberry. Adirondack Blueberry is also nowhere near as sweet as strawberry Crush, so the two aren’t really apt comparisons flavor-wise – just that they’re a bit esoteric. I would at least pick it up and give it a try to see if you like it. Chances are you’ll find it’s too sugary, though.

This soda gets a 3/5 for being okay, but not great.


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  1. Oh. Em. Gee. Strawberries are my favorite food.. and I have a terrible sweet tooth. The phrase “too sugary” does not compute in my little Chelly head! I haven’t seen this product at the stores near me, but I’m definitely snagging a couple bottles as soon as I find them :D

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